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Jail Time Played Significant Factor in Sherri Shepherd’s Success

Being locked up in jail taught this star an important life lesson.

Daytime talk show host Sherri Shepherd credits her jail time as a significant factor in her career. According to Page Six, Shepherd served an eight-day jail sentence for a $10,000 debt she incurred in unpaid moving violations.

“Yeah, I went to jail for not paying my tickets. At the time I did not think being in jail was a good moment, but looking back I learned to pay all my bills,” Shepherd said. “Jail, that was a classroom…it was a life lesson, and now I pay my bills on time.”

She served her jail time in the early 1990s, the start of her career in show business.

“One of the girls in jail said, ‘Leave Sherri alone because she’s gonna be somebody and we are going to be here for the rest of our lives,’ literally that’s what she used to say,” Shepherd told Page Six.

“Her name was Shelby and she came to both my weddings when I got out. But sometimes people see things in you that you don’t see yourself, and when she said those words, ‘Sherri is gonna be somebody,’ I never thought that for myself. So I just knew that something was going to happen.”

The young lady in jail with Shepherd at the time was right: Shepherd is know a world-renowned television personality as well as a comedian, actress, broadcaster, and author. Her new talk show, Sherri, premiered last September after Shepherd stepped in for ailing talk show queen Wendy Williams.

Shepherd is also still very proud of the years she spent as a co-host on ABC’s daytime talk show, The View.

“That’s a sisterhood that just, the bonds never break,” Shepherd told Entertainment Tonight in January. Shepherd joined the daily chat roundtable in 2006.