Jamie Foxx Fans Remain Positive Amid Negative Health Reports

Jamie Foxx fans are rebuking any and all reports that speak negatively about his recovery. Despite Foxx’s unknown status, the most recent update, according to Radar Online, stated that “His friends and family are hoping for the best — but preparing for the worst!”

Apparently, this is not the type of energy Foxx fans want in the universe. Social media users have banded together and sounded off against this news about alleged declining health. after a The Neighborhood Talk shared a post about Foxx’s alleged health status.


“We don’t want to hear nothing from sources!,” one Instagram user stated in the comment section. “We need official statements from family right now. We don’t need the negativity in the atmosphere. They need to stop speaking.”

Other commenters brought religion into the chat:


“Too many typos and grammatical errors in this article. But just like this article, I’m trusting that the doctors report be rebuked and in error,” 

The IG user continued: I’m declaring and believing that the God of peace extends this man’s life, his strength and his faculties. And that Jehovah rapha grant healing and grace.”

Due to “medical complications,” Foxx has been hospitalized since April 11, according to a statement shared by his daughter Corinne, who hosts Beat Shazam with Jamie. The Academy Award-winning actor, known for highly critical roles in the film Ray and Django, has received ongoing prayers and well wishes from fans, friends and peers. Foxx was in Atlanta filming Back In Action with repeat costar Cameron Diaz. Keeping true to the saying, the show must go on, the movie production has continued with a body double in Foxx’s absence, Page Six reported. However, Foxx’s fans are keeping him lifted in light, love and prayer.

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