The Latest Gig for Jay Ellis? Kicking Back with Mount Gay Rum

The Latest Gig for Jay Ellis? Kicking Back with Mount Gay Rum

You might be sitting at home waiting for the premiere of the third season of Insecure this summer and wondering when you’re going to get your next taste of everyone’s favorite ex-boyfriend, Lawrence. But the man behind the role, Jay Ellis, is out here busy living his best life.

As a matter of fact, that’s what the actor (and this year’s American Black Film Festival ambassador) is all about for his latest gig with Mount Gay rum.

Earlier this year, Ellis helped Mount Gay, which is celebrating its 315th anniversary, bring its new campaign to life. He kicked off the first installation of Time Well Spent with an après-ski event in Telluride, Colorado.

Before you come check him out at ABFF in Miami, June 13–17, check out what he had to say about how he likes to drink, eat, travel, and unwind:

The importance of downtime

“Taking time to connect, download, and decompress is HUGE to mental health, productivity, creativity and it’s also a time to look back on the day a reflect on the great things going on in your life because sometimes they can be hard to see through all the craziness of a busy day,” Ellis told AOL.

“I do anything from reading a book or watching a movie to going to dinner or drinks with friends depending on the day. But I have to say there’s nothing like laughs and drinks with friends.”

Most surprising? He’s hands-on when it comes to relaxing. “I also love building things,” he told Forbes. “I’ve built closets, and installed sinks, toilets, and countertops for friends.”

Jay Ellis (Photo: Mount Gay)

Good friends, good food, good spirits

“I like celebrating—if you want to call it that—around a good meal at the end of a day. It allows my friends and I to talk about what we did during the day and reflect on it more,” Ellis shared with The Manual.

When it comes to his drinks, he continued: “I love something smooth, something with flavor, but I also love things that have a history to them as well. I love being able to learn how the spirit is made and where it comes from.”

Ellis admitted to Forbes that his favorite food is Italian, so it makes sense that his favorite destinations are South Italy and the Mediterranean. “There’s great weather and seafood,” he said. “It’s quiet, with insanely beautiful water, and locals will invite you into their homes.”