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Jay-Z And Offset Apparently Show Kris Jenner How To Electric Slide At Beyonce’s LA Tour Stop

Some social media users would like to know why Kris Jenner seemingly needed a tutorial from Jay-Z and Offset on how to do the “Electric Slide.”

A video making the rounds across social media shows Jay-Z and Offset turning up in Club Renaissance to Beyoncé’s live performance of “Before I Let Go.” Bey and Cardi B‘s husbands were hitting their “Electric Slide” two-step with Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Cory Gamble close by.

The only thing is Kris looked completely confused about how to do the popular line dance. A Beyoncé fan page posted a clip claiming that Jay-Z was “teaching Kris Jenner the electric slide,” with Offset.

But with the “Electric Slide” coming out in 1990, many social media users were confused as to why Kris didn’t appear to know the dance “in her big age.”

“Damn why her black bf ain’t teach her before she went lol,” one user wrote.

“Ion like that she don’t know how to do it at her BIG age and all the culture she’s been around! This was not the moment,” added someone else.

Beyoncé brought the stars out for her three-night stint of “Renaissance” shows in Los Angeles with names like Offset, Lil Wayne, and DJ Khaled serving as opening acts. Friday, September 1 was night one of Bey’s reign at SoFi Stadium. Silver was her requested theme.

A star-studded crowd filled the audience with names like Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelly Rowland, and Meghan Markle seen sporting their “Renaissance”-inspired fashions. Prince Harry joined the Duchess of Sussex but let her be as she danced away to Beyonce’s “Diva” with her girlfriends.

Even as the daughter of Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross is a proud Bey Hive member who showed off the silver sequined Paco Rabanne dress she wore to “Club Renaissance.”

Mama Tina Knowles shared a video turning up to her daughter’s hit “Church Girl” with Bey’s Destiny’s Child groupmate Rowland.