Social Media Influencer Jayda Cheaves Talks Growth As An Entrepreneur + New Reality Show

Social Media Influencer Jayda Cheaves Talks Growth As An Entrepreneur + New Reality Show

Jayda Cheaves is a flourishing social media influencer and entrepreneur who too often gets stigmatized over her dating and social life.

Launching her first business at the age of 16, Jayda was raking in $50k a week before she even had an HS diploma. Despite the perception and drama often surrounding her name, Jayda makes a living for herself as a well-paid influencer and entrepreneur.

With the recent launch of her Waydamin clothing line, Jayda is expanding her business portfolio and allowing herself to grow from the experience. Following a customer satisfaction scandal with her first launch, Jayda used the feedback to only get better.

While appearing on Hip Hop & Enterprise, Jayda opens up about her entrepreneurial journey and the good and bad that comes with it. She also teases her new reality show that will be her first time sharing her private life as a mom, celebrity, and businesswoman onscreen.


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Jayda opens up about starting her first business in high school and how her father pushed her to profit off of her large following on social media. She also explains how she turned challenging trials as a business owner into testimony and came back better than ever.

With her product line selling out fast with each drop, the 24-year-old explains how she has had to expand on her initial plans for her apparel line. Fashion, style, and beauty are just some of the starting businesses for Jayda, but she has her eyes on the prize when it comes to making her mark in the industry.

While preparing for the premiere of her first reality show, Jayda is also brainstorming her next business venture that’ll have her adding beauty mogul to her resume in no time.

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