Jayden Daniels, Heisman Trophy

Jayden Daniels Wins Heisman Trophy After Magical Senior Season

Jayden Daniels put up numbers that we have never seen before on his way to becoming the second LSU quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy

Jayden Daniels has secured his position as the second LSU quarterback to win the prestigious Heisman Trophy. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Joe Burrow, Daniels has etched his name into the annals of the sport. While this LSU team won’t be competing in the College Football Playoffs this season, Daniels’ achievements on the field will be remembered. Among Heisman Trophy winners, Daniels ranks no lower than fourth in various critical statistical categories. These rankings include yards per game, total yards per pass, total QBR, total yards per attempt, rushing yards per carry, fewest interceptions thrown, and completion percentage, where he holds the fourth position.

Even though the fashion statement on the inside of his jacket was himself striking the now infamous Heisman pose, his acceptance speech was anything but dedicated to himself. Daniels’ speech was equal parts selfless and community-minded while also showcasing the charm that has draft experts projecting him to potentially be one of the first quarterbacks off the board in April’s NFL Draft. Granted, there remains plenty of time for scouts to find holes in his game or find some reason for him to fall, like a subpar pre-draft interview or Wunderlich score, but Daniels certainly has the skill and temperament to become a star at the next level. 

In his speech, Daniels made sure to thank those individuals who are often unseen, like janitors, groundskeepers, and trainers, but without whom, the game he plays would not be possible. Daniels thanked his offensive line for keeping him upright and blocking, even though he noted that he does run around and scramble a lot, eliciting laughter from the crowd. Daniels thanked all his teammates, even the ones at Arizona State, some of whom said that Daniels was “trash” after he left that university to head to Baton Rouge. 

Daniels also thanked his old Arizona State head coach Herm Edwards, current Raiders interim head coach Antonio Pierce, and former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis during his speech for their leadership and advice. Daniels thanked his high school football coach for trusting a 14-year-old freshman to lead their team before turning to his family. Daniels thanked his father, whom he credited with putting a football into his hands at an early age, before adding that he hoped his father was OK with his decision to play quarterback now despite raising him to play cornerback. Davis called his mother his rock and thanked her for always being in his corner but giving him tough love when he needed it, and reminding both his parents that he loved them for the support and guidance they showed him. 

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