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Jenifer Lewis Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Hitler’ And Will Put Black People In ‘Camps’ If Elected

Jenifer Lewis compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler while unloading on the upcoming presidential election.

Jenifer Lewis is known for speaking her mind and she did just that while sharing her thoughts on the upcoming presidential election featuring Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The seasoned actress and entertainer recently appeared on SiriusXM radio’s Mornings With Zerlina where she likened Trump to Adolf Hitler and warned how Black people would end up in “camps” for not voting and allowing him to re-enter the White House.

“He will punish everybody that didn’t vote for him. See, this m*th*rf*k*r is Hitler. He didn’t come to play,” Lewis said.

“[He] will have us in camps … because we sat our fat a**es on the couch. Because we were complacent and spoiled and rotten and mad.”

Noting how the majority of Black Americans just want to “feed our children and be equal,” Lewis shared her belief that “white people are scared” due to them “becoming a minority” group in the country.

“The world is brown. And they gonna do everything they can to stay in those gated communities and not pay taxes and put those ni**ers in their places and get those w*tb*cks out of this country,” she said.

Lewis went on to warn Black people against not voting as it will lead to Trump winning re-election where he’ll “tear up” the Constitution “in our faces” and declare himself “king of the f*ck*ng world.”

“We spend half our lives choosing, trying to make a choice on bullsh*t. What movie tonight? Let me sit here for a half hour. No bombs going off. And we do nothing. We sit on our couches. ‘Oh, I don’t believe in voting.’ You f*ck*ng idiot. If that man gets in, as soon as he takes the oath, he will have generals walk down the steps of the Capitol,” she said.

Lewis concluded her message by telling Trump supporters “We all God’s babies.” However, her words are garnering backlash from conservatives. Podcast host Stacy Washington took to Fox News to accuse Lewis of seemingly mimicking past comments Biden made to the Black community.

“Do you remember…when President Biden said, ‘They’re going to put y’all back in chains,’ in exactly that accent and vernacular?” Washington said.

“She’s repeating that. She’s repeating that, she believes it and if you want to see more unhinged rhetoric from her, she does this all the time on Instagram. She talks about politics. She talks about things that really aren’t true.”

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