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Jermaine Dupri Criticizes Lack Of Atlanta Events For Hip Hop’s 50th

Jermaine Dupri made it known that the South has something to say, even if they didn’t during the nationwide celebration of hip-hop’s 50th birthday. The music mogul called out brands in Atlanta for not hosting anything in the music hub to commemorate the anniversary.

Hip-hop’s official birthday is celebrated on Aug. 11, but according to Dupri, no one in Atlanta paid tribute to the genre on its special day. In a tweet posted on Aug. 18, the music producer pointed out that while events were conducted throughout the U.S. in honor of this milestone, the Atlanta community was relatively silent on the matter.

“Just for the record,” stated the music executive on Twitter. “No brands have done any dinners or get togethers in Atlanta celebrating the 50[th] anniversary of Hip Hop. That’s Crazy!!!”

The cultural movement, that includes music, emceeing, dance, and graffiti, has a ingrained presence in the Georgia capital, as the city is known for its own league of legendary rappers that helped build southern hip-hop. Atlanta is also the birthplace of trap music, as the Trap Music Museum is located in the city to shed light on its origins and popular records.

However, the 50-year-old producer had to clarify some concerns that he was hating on all the celebratory efforts in New York City.

Emphasizing that his words were directed at businesses in his city who failed to do more to partake in the celebration, Dupri also insisted that his frustration was never directed at New York City, the birthplace of hip-hop. Those trying to “create the narrative” were immediately shut down by the producer.

As he continued to express his discontent with his home city’s lack of contributions to the festivities, Dupri also took the time to shoutout others who chose to showcase Southern rap.


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In a repost, he saluted the artists who took part in the ATL Hip Hop 50 concert, including T.I., EarthGang, and Crime Mob. Their decision to “put on” for their city showed that while some dropped the ball, the artists who paved the way for hip-hop in the South still did their part for their culture.

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