Rapper Jim Jones Talks About Becoming A Minority Football Team Owner
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

After leaving his mark in the world of hip-hop and fashion, rapper Jim Jones has ventured into sports business, announcing that he is a part owner of an American Arena League (AAL) football team.

In a statement, Jones, who has always had a passion for sports, said he is “grateful” for the opportunity to become the part of Richmond Roughriders and is “looking forward to taking the Roughriders to the top. Hopefully, this will inspire the youth to pursue positive activities, especially through sports.”

Gregg Fornario, the general manager and fellow co-owner of Richmond Roughriders, said the Harlem rapper will help the team expand its brand. “The Richmond Roughriders partnership with Jim Jones enables us to bring so much more to the table in regards to introducing the high impact sport of Indoor football to the hip-hop culture, allowing us to build the Richmond Roughriders brand not just in our community but nationwide.”

During an exclusive interview with Black Enterprise, Jones opened up about his plans for the AAL team and his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s #TakeAKnee protest. The Roc Nation recording artist also talked about his investment in the cannabis industry and other business ventures throughout his career:




Selena Hill

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