Jingle Bells and a Jail Cell: Two Men Locked Up After Posing With Santa, a Gun and Wads Of Cash

Jingle Bells and a Jail Cell: Two Men Locked Up After Posing With Santa, A Gun and Wads Of Cash At Louisiana Mall


A viral picture of two men posing with Santa in the most ridiculous way, has landed them in jail – and on the naughty list – for bringing a gun to a public mall to take holiday pics.

According to WAFB two men at the Mall of Louisiana, took some snaps with Santa, and one of them appears to hold a gun while both show off wads of cash in a series of pictures that caught the attention of local authorities.

The man who is holding the gun has landed himself in jail due to an outstanding warrant from Texas. He was arrested, the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) said Friday, .

Also, Almonzo Paul, 29, who is not armed with a gun, but armed with cash, has also been arrested on an outstanding Texas warrant, KPLC reported.


While little kids normally are seen hopping on Santa’s knee to bark out their Christmas wish list, many were wondering how mall security didn’t catch the men in action.

”How in the world would you allow something like this to even take place in the middle of your mall,” said person who posted the photo to the mall’s Facebook page.

Gene Satern, the Senior General Manager of the Mall of Louisiana, said mall management is aware of the photograph.

“The incident is currently under investigation with BRPD and I’m not allowed to release any information while under an active investigation.

”The mall has had stickers on the doors of their entrances for many years indicating that guns are not allowed inside,” he continued.

According to WAFB, Baton Rouge police say the men are waiting to be extradited to Texas and they are being held in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. One of the men has an outstanding warrant for charges of aggravated assault as well as a parole violation.