Job Seekers, Ziprecruiter Wants To Land You A New Job — For Free

Job Seekers, Ziprecruiter Wants To Land You A New Job — For Free

Professionals know finding a job — the right job — is practically a full-time job in itself. In fact, it usually takes the typical job seeker about five months from starting their search to finally coming aboard with a new company.

Sure, you can enlist the services of a professional job recruiter (i.e., a headhunter) to help personalize your search. But of course, it is by no means cheap, often costing 20 to 30 percent of your new annual base salary just for brokering the deal. Meanwhile, services like ZipRecruiter  can offer opportunities to find a job, but without costing job hunters a dime.

After nearly a decade as one of the world’s top employment apps, ZipRecruiter has streamlined the process of helping bring companies needing talent together with potential employees ready to work. That meeting of the minds comes from a lot of job matchmaking expertise. 

ZipRecruiter utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze literally billions of interactions between employers and job seekers, unlocking some of the secrets behind what both sides genuinely want. That analysis helps determine where to post a job seeker’s resume and which open jobs they may already match.

Using ZipRecruiter’s new AI-powered personal recruiting tool called Phil, job seekers get a truly personalized experience. Phil gets smarter as your job search continues, optimizing your resume and digging deeper into available jobs to find suitable matches. In addition to assessing your interest in the positions he finds, Phil also keeps you updated with status reports, so it’s easy to keep track of applications, interviews, and offers.

And Phil is only helping to boost ZipRecruiter’s already solid stats. For example, about 80 percent of companies say they have a qualified candidate applying for their open positions within just 24 hours of posting the job.

“I was laid off from my job right as the COVID-19 crisis hit. Within a week of uploading my resume, ZipRecruiter matched me with jobs that fit my experience and what I was looking for. The process was so easy,” said Kathryn, who eventually accepted a position with pharmaceutical heavyweight Novartis.

Since job seekers are often watching their dollars more than ever, ZipRecruiter is a perfect fit, never charging prospective employees for any job search, resume posting, or application services. Just head over to ZipRecruiter, and you can begin the search for your new job right now.

Prices subject to change.