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John Legend Secures $5 Million In Funding For ‘It’s Good’ App

Award-winning musician and entrepreneur John Legend has taken a new step into the startup business arena with his social app, “It’s Good.” A report published in the Wall Street Journal revealed that the app has already secured $5 million in funding in early October as it readies itself for public launch.

Lightspeed Venture Partners, among other participants, supported the app in its recent funding round. “It’s Good” aims to provide users with personalized food and travel recommendations, setting itself up to compete with industry giants like Yelp and Google Reviews, as reported by Nairametrics.

Co-founder and tech entrepreneur Mike Rosenthal, who teamed up with John Legend during the COVID-19 pandemic to create the app, stated that the platform addresses a real-world problem that has remained largely unsolved since the inception of Yelp over two decades ago. The app’s concept is simple yet impactful: it allows users to share their delightful discoveries of great new places with their social circles.

“It’s tremendously satisfying to discover a great new place yourself and then share your delight with others,” noted Lightspeed Partner Nicole Quinn at the WSJ Tech Live Conference, emphasizing the significant potential she sees in “It’s Good.”

As a result, Lightspeed is leading the company’s $5 million seed round. The venture capital firm has previously invested in other celebrity-driven startups like Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow), HAUS LABS (Lady Gaga), and Autograph (Tom Brady), according to the outlet.

As “It’s Good” transitions from an invite-only platform to forming its community, the company’s primary focus will be growth rather than revenue generation. Additionally, the team is actively exploring potential partnerships with hospitality and food companies.

John Legend, well-known for his musical talents, introduced Loved01, his unisex skincare line, in February 2023, as reported by Men’s Health. Collaborating with dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye, Legend’s mission is to bring inclusivity to the skincare market by catering to melanin-rich complexions. He expressed that he didn’t want his brand to be merely a celebrity endorsement but an answer to a marketplace need that hadn’t been adequately addressed—formulating products for diverse skin types and making them accessible.

This venture into the world of startups is not John Legend’s first entrepreneurial endeavor. In February 2022, he co-founded OurSong, a music and art NFT platform. The multiple award-winning artist’s foray into the startup world highlights his commitment to exploring new horizons and making a meaningful impact in various industries.