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Jonathan Majors Breaks Silence: Exclusive Interview With Linsey Davis On ABC News

Disney-owned ABC News has secured the first interview with Jonathan Majors since his recent guilty verdict for assault and harassment.

Disney-owned ABC News has secured the first interview with Jonathan Majors since his recent guilty verdict for reckless assault and harassment. The Manhattan jury’s decision on Dec. 18 led to Majors being swiftly dropped by Marvel Entertainment, also a Disney division, where he portrayed Kang the Conqueror in film and TV, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Linsey Davis, an anchor for ABC News, is set to conduct the interview, premiering on Good Morning America on Monday, Jan. 8. Extended segments will follow on GMA3, with a streamed version on Davis’s ABC News Live Prime later that day. IMPACT x Nightline will also air an exclusive half-hour special featuring unaired segments on Jan. 11, available only on Hulu.

Major’s career, which includes starring roles in films such as Creed 3, Devotion, and The Last Black Man in San Francisco, has taken a major hit after allegations of assault on his ex-girlfriend.

Majors received a split verdict, being convicted on two counts: misdemeanor assault in the third degree for recklessly causing physical injury and harassment in the second degree, categorized as a violation. Conversely, he was acquitted of misdemeanor assault in the third degree with intent to cause physical injury and misdemeanor aggravated harassment in the second degree. Despite the guilty verdict, legal experts suggest that Jonathan Majors is unlikely to face jail time and may consider an appeal, particularly regarding the use of text messages in the case. However, the impact on his acting career appears significant, given the abrupt end to his role as Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel universe.

The decision to give his first interview to another Disney-owned outlet after the verdict and Marvel’s decision is seen as a strategic move. It raises the possibility that Majors may address and potentially criticize his former employer for severing ties in the wake of the legal troubles. The interview, poised to air on various ABC platforms, marks a crucial moment for Majors as he navigates the fallout from the legal case and the repercussions on his professional trajectory.