Jorge Soler And Atlanta Braves Sued By Fan Struck By Ball Thrown During 2021 World Series

Jorge Soler And Atlanta Braves Sued By Fan Struck By Ball Thrown During 2021 World Series

Mayra Norris claims Soler's pitch was dangerous, and the stadium was negligent.

A fan who attended the World Series in 2021 is suing the Atlanta Braves organization as well as one of its former players after being hit in the eye by a ball thrown from the field.

According to The New York Post, Mayra Norris, who attended Truist Park in Atlanta for Game 3 of the 2021 World Series against the Houston Astros, filed a lawsuit against the Braves and former Braves outfielder Jorge Soler on Oct. 25 in Cobb County Superior Court. She claimed that Soler’s pitch injured her on Oct. 29 as she sat with her husband and her brother-in-law. Soler, who now plays for the Miami Marlins, allegedly threw the baseball with a “great deal of force and speed” into the right field stands, which hit her in the eye. They were sitting in section 109 in the right-field corner of the stadium, with Norris maintaining that they weren’t close to the outfielder. At the time, the game was not in play.

“Defendant Soler did not softly toss the ball into the stands to the crowd,” the lawsuit stated. “He threw the ball overhand with a great deal of speed and force. Defendant Soler threw the ball with such force and speed that it hit Ms. Norris directly in her right eye, causing extensive and excruciating injury to her right eye.”

The woman reportedly suffered extensive eye injuries, including multiple fractures, right eye edema, and infra-orbital abrasion. Norris claimed that she would need “long-term medical care.”

Norris claims that the Braves failed to “keep the premises in a safe and proper condition and by failing to prevent and by allowing dangerous and reckless conduct by Defendant Braves’ players,” according to the lawsuit.

She is looking for damages to cover medical expenses, along with “general and compensatory damages to be determined by a jury at trial.”

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