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Judge Denies Speedy Trial Request For White Woman Accused Of Fatally Shooting Black Neighbor In Florida Dispute

Marion County, Florida’s Susan Lorincz, 59, faced a setback in her legal proceedings when a judge rejected her request for a speedy trial during a court appearance on Jan. 18, according to WESH. Lorincz, who is white, is charged with manslaughter in connection with the fatal shooting of her neighbor, Ajike Owens, a Black 35-year-old mother of four from Ocala, Florida, on June 2, 2023. The shooting was allegedly a culmination of a prolonged dispute over where Owens’ children played outside.

Originally scheduled for trial in November 2023, Lorincz’s case was postponed to June 2024 after her defense team sought additional time for deposition scheduling.

Lorincz’s request for a speedy trial was responded to in court this week, and it was made known that she had written a personal letter to the judge instead of filing a proper motion.

In her letter, Lorincz cited inadequate care in jail as well as ongoing medical issues. During the proceedings, her attorney asserted that she was not prepared for trial and did not recommend a speedy one. The judge concurred with the attorney and advised Lorincz to heed her legal counsel. She could potentially file for a speedy trial later, but no such request has been made at this time. Pretrial activities remain scheduled for June.

The tragic incident occurred when Owens was fatally shot through a locked door after approaching Lorincz to address a previous altercation. Investigators reported that the dispute began when Lorincz allegedly threw a pair of skates at one of Owens’ children.

Bodycam footage captured the chaotic aftermath as deputies arrived at the scene on SW 108th Lane. Lorincz was handcuffed, and a voice off-camera could be heard urging Owens to wake up.

Prior to the shooting, neighbors had reported several altercations between Lorincz and Owens, with claims that Lorincz would insult and use slurs at Owens’ children as they played in a common area she believed to be hers.

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