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Juicy J’s GMA Appearance Censored For Wearing Straightjacket and Hannibal Lecter Mask To Promote Mental Health

Rapper and producer Juicy J is taking mental health advocacy to the next level.

The Three 6 Mafia member was temporarily banned from the set of Good Morning America after his straight jacket upset the staff, TMZ reports. Juicy was set to appear on the morning show on Sept. 5 to promote his new book, Chronicles of the Juice Man. When he arrived on set wearing a straightjacket—accompanied by a Hannibal Lecter mask—someone on set told him his attire was inappropriate and that he would have to change.

“Good Morning America, they didn’t want me to wear the jacket,” the rapper explains in a YouTube video. “But it’s all good. Wasn’t no problems, I wasn’t trippin’. That’s why I brought other outfits.”

Cardi B didn’t seem to mind his appearance as the two posed for a photo together.


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Mental health has been a main focus for the Memphis-born artist all year. He dedicated his latest project, Mental Trillness, to the cause and targeted substance abuse after his friend and fellow rapper, Gangsta Boo, died from an accidental overdose. According to Juicy J, the point of the straight jacket was to let fans know they don’t have to do anything crazy to ask for help. He is promoting the helpline, 988 Suicide Crisis Lifeline, for people who need assistance. “Get some help, call 9-8-8, call a friend, call your mom, call somebody. Just don’t hurt yourself, you know what I’m sayin’?” the rapper said, according to XXL.

The rapper says his book, an autobiography co-written by Soren Baker, focuses on helping others who have dealt with the same issues he’s faced in life. “I’m talking about mental health,” Juicy said. “I’m talking about just getting through life, God, family, drug abuse. All kinds of stuff.”