We Know a Diss When We See One: Justin Sylvester Clarifies Brushing Off 'Today' Host Jenna Bush Hager

We Know a Diss When We See One: Justin Sylvester Clarifies Brushing Off ‘Today’ Host Jenna Bush Hager

(Image: Today Show screenshot)

Frequent Today show contributor Justin Sylvester clarifies the recent show clip that turned him into a viral sensation.

Sylvester sparked debate online after he was caught pushing Jenna Bush Hager away during a segment last Wednesday. Bush Hager appeared to be getting too close for comfort when Sylvester used his hand to keep her at arms’ length.

The Daily Pop host was participating in a cooking segment with Bush Hager when she started patting his back and trying to put her arm around his shoulders. Sylvester seemingly tried moving away from Bush Hager, but she didn’t get the message.

Bush Hager leaned toward Sylvester, so he had no choice but to push her away. Bush Hager laughed at the subtle diss while still leaning closer to Sylvester.

When Bush Hager continued to touch Sylvester’s back despite his arm putting space between them, he glanced up, smiled, and pushed her out of the way for a second time. Bush Hager finally got the message and backed up to raise her eyebrows at the cameras.

Viewers were quick to blast Bush Hager for seemingly ignoring Sylvester’s requests not to be so touchy during the segment taping.

“Jenna Bush was way too handsy with @HodaAndJenna contributor, Justin Sylvester,” one viewer said. “This is the daughter of a former President sexually harassing her coworker in the workplace, on TV. She should be suspended or fired. Full stop!”

“Wait he was literally pushing her away! Was HR watching this?” asked someone else.

After the clip made its rounds on social media, Sylvester took to Instagram to post a video clearing up the speculation about the alleged sexual harassment in the workplace, Page Six reports.

“That’s not actually the truth,” Sylvester said, calling Bush Hager the “nicest” person. “What we were doing was we were both flirting.”

“Well, I was flirting with the chef because he was cute, and I was pushing her out of the way so I could have a one-on-one moment with the chef.”