US Vice President Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Age

Kamala Harris Says She’s Not Worried About Concerns Over Biden’s Age

Vice President Kamala Harris answered questions — again — about donors’ concerns over President Joe Biden’s age, Business Insider reports.

During an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Bill Whitaker asked Harris why donors seem skeptical of her joining Biden, 80, if he doesn’t see his reelection bid all the way through. Harris said she’s not worried about it since Biden will be around for a while. “Well, first of all, I’m not gonna engage in that hypothetical, ’cause Joe Biden is very much alive and running for reelection,” Harris said. 

“I hear from a lot of different people a lot of different things. But let me just tell you, I’m focused on the job. I truly am.”

Biden announced his bid for a second term in April 2023 on Twitter, urging supporters to “let him finish the job.” Since then, voters and donors alike have started questioning whether a second term is a good idea, noting that if Biden wins he will be 86 years old at the end of his term.

While Biden has said the concerns are valid, he said all people need to do is watch to see what he can do. 

“I think it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine. I think that’s totally legitimate,” Biden said during a 2022 MSNBC interview. 

“I think the best way to make the judgment is to watch me. Am I slowing up? Am I going at the same pace?”

The first female vice president of the United States shared the same sentiments, telling Whitaker that the right choice is clear, regardless of age.

“Our democracy is on the line, Bill. And I frankly, in my head, do not have time for parlor games when we have a president who is running for reelection,” Harris said. “When the American people are able to take a close look, at election time, on their options, I think the choice is gonna be clear. Bill, we’re gonna win.” 

While Harris continues to be optimistic, the polls show a different story. Whitaker pointed out that only 41% of adults give Harris a stamp of approval regarding her work as second-in-command, according to Fox News. The Biden-Harris campaign is up for a fight against Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), who recently announced he wants to challenge Biden in the primaries, hoping the party will “pass the torch” to the new generation. 

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