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Kandi Burruss Responds To Keith Lee’s Not-So-Good Rating Of Old Lady Gang

Kandi Burruss is following the path of least resistance. After haters flocked to Keith Lee’s less than stellar but kind review of Old Lady Gang, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star decided to make her response about understanding and appreciation.

On Oct. 30, while Lee relayed that he chose not to eat at Old Lady Gang after receiving a different treatment, Burruss spoke on Instagram about the issue in an effort to diffuse the drama surrounding her business. The mogul didn’t address the preferential treatment the patriarch received over his family.

“I really just wanted to say I do appreciate Keith Lee for stopping by our restaurant and trying to show us love,” Burruss expressed with a smile. “It is very unfortunate that we couldn’t serve him and his family. We would have loved to. But he’s right, we don’t take to-go orders on the weekends, and the simple reason is because we do love and appreciate the people who come and support our restaurant.”

She explained that Old Lady Gang didn’t want to “overwhelm” the kitchen staff by having to juggle dine-in and to-go orders. Because the restaurant receives support not only in Atlanta but across the nation, focusing solely on those eating at the restaurant on the weekends ensured that the service and food quality would be top-notch.

Burruss ended her statement by offering Lee and his family the opportunity to dine with Old Lady Gang.

“Outside of that, I want to say thanks to Keith for trying to even show up to our restaurant and show us love, thanks for trying to bring your family by, and maybe next time, we will still get a chance to serve you.”

The patriarch and viral food review TikToker shared his thoughts on Old Lady Gang, the Southern comfort restaurant inspired by Burruss’ family. Lee detailed how his family was treated differently than he was when trying to dine or place a to-go order at the establishment, a running theme that has caused many to criticize the customer service of popular Atlanta restaurants.

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