From Bedroom Kandi to Gospel Kandi: How to Balance Alter-Ego Jobs

From Bedroom Kandi to Gospel Kandi: How to Balance Alter-Ego Jobs

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From the finance consultant/personal trainer to the lawyer/photographer to the bank teller/bartender, people take on extra roles for a variety of reasons. They might want to make more money, want more fulfillment in their lives, they may want to start a new business or just learn a new skill set.

Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers, has found that adding a slash to one’s career is way to integrate and fully express the multiple passions, talents and interests that a single career often cannot accommodate.

Self expression and economics are the two main benefits of having various slashes. “Many of us wouldn’t want to just do one thing in our working lives,” Alboher says. “The slash life allows us to do those things concurrently and it’s up to you to find ways to harmonize them. Also, having more than one way to earn a living is real benefit, especially in turbulent economic times.”

Kandi Burruss, creator of Kandi Koated Nights, an online sex talk show, and Bedroom Kandi, recently debuted her first gospel single, Prayed Up, featuring pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp. Although Kandi isn’t shy about any of her business ventures, her big jump from sex toys to Christian music caused quite a stir.
While leading a double career life can seem challenging and exciting, it may confuse other or throw them off, especially if your careers of choice are two polar opposites. Here are some tips on how to balance two totally different jobs:

Conflicts of interest

Remember that employee handbook that was given to you on your first day of your 9 -5? Dust it off and read up on the sections that outline conflicts of interests, outside activities and personal pursuits. “Pay attention to certain provisions or anything that could let you know that your employer has reason to object,” said Alboher.

Remain professional
When attending a meeting or networking event, decide on which professional hat you want to wear. “Usually it’s going to be pretty obvious for you,” Alboher said. “If you’re a real estate broker/violinist and you’re going to a real estate conference, there’s probably not a lot of upsides to identifying that your other vocation has to do with music.”

Be equally responsible
“It’s hard enough to manage your time with one job,” Alboher said. “So you’re really going to have to be a master of time management if you’re going to be the answer to two different callings. To avoid confusion and job mishaps, it’s important to separate your main gig from your side hustle. Try to divide necessary amounts of time needed for each job.
Working two jobs can be incredibly challenging, but it can also open up many opportunities.

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