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Ye Reveals Alleged Internal Memo From Adidas With Talking Points On Selling Yeezys

The document allegedly gave salespeople talking points for Yeezys.

Ye revealed an alleged internal document from the company in a since-deleted Instagram post. He showed a document allegedly giving Adidas employees talking points about the Yeezys.

The document was posted on Ye’s social media on Feb. 26. It allegedly showed the script employees were to use when speaking about the Yeezy product.

“Adidas is the sole owner of the product, including the design rights for existing products and previous colorways. The products are existing Yeezy designs initiated in 2022. Adidas honored contractual obligations and discussed releasing products before the announcement with the former partner.”

The internal memo was sent out last week as Adidas announced that they will sell the remaining stock of Yeezys. Ye then accused the company of selling fake Yeezys and stated that they were suing him for $250 million.

“This is the document that they give employees at Adidas when asked questions about Yeezy,” Ye said.

He says the company is suing him and that he will be making no money from the current sales. He says they are also using 50 years of business experience and contract clauses to “assault” him.

Last summer, according to Insider, the sports brand received orders reportedly worth 508 million euros ($564 million). Before deciding to put the Yeezys back on the market, Adidas anticipated writing the product off for $500 million. When shareholders pressured them, the company changed direction earlier in 2023. In November, after making plans to release another round of Yeezys, an internal memo from Adidas stated that the company decided to postpone the release of Yeezys. It was speculated that the sale of the popular sneakers has been paused due to the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.