Keep Your Computer Snappy and Clean with this Black Friday Deal For CleanMyMac

Keep Your Computer Snappy and Clean with this Black Friday Deal For CleanMyMac

If you use your computer for more than just simply checking your email or jotting down notes, then you don’t need to be warned about the dangers that accompany having devices cluttered with files and data.

While all computers have some form of protection against malware and adware, the only way to truly defend your device from them is by having a competent program dedicated to warding them off.

CleanMyMac X Optimization Tool has earned its reputation for providing the best defense your computer can have. With the Every Friday is Black Friday deal, you can purchase a one-year subscription (Mac) for just $24.99. That’s a savings of 37% from its MSRP ($39.95).

CleanMyMac offers an all-in-one solution to everyday issues. It not only cleans your computer, but it also boosts its performance. The software digs deep to scour your computer for unwanted files, outdated caches, broken downloads and useless localizations.

It defends against malware, adware and ransomware, as well.

The application management feature removes unneeded apps, while the updater instantly updates all of your software.

CleanMyMac is rated 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store. Both TechRadar and The Tech Reviewer have rated the software 4.5 stars.

macOS 10.12 and higher and 210 MBs of storage is all that’s needed to run CleanMyMac. It can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices. Activation is instant, and 24/7 tech support is offered should you need it.

CleanMyMac is truly a one-stop shop. Not only does it offer full-time protection for your computer, but it actively works to delete needless and cumbersome files. In turn, your device’s speed doesn’t suffer from being bogged down.

The last thing you should have to worry about is a slow computer. Especially if you spend a significant amount of time on one. Take advantage of Every Friday is Black Friday and keep your Mac clean and quick with CleanMyMac. Purchase it today.

Prices subject to change.