[VIDEO] Keke Palmer Empowers Young Girls to Stay Fit

[VIDEO] Keke Palmer Empowers Young Girls to Stay Fit

Staying fit is said to improve the body and the mind, and positive energy from a good workout may pump up inspiration, taking productivity to the next level.

Playtex® Sport® is partnering with Broadway, film and television actress Keke Palmer to encourage girls to find the fitness activity or sport that’s right for them to positively impact not only their year ahead, but their futures.

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Palmer, a young woman who embodies self-confidence and a healthy, active lifestyle, will support the launch of New Playtex® Sport® Ultra-Thin Pads, Body Shape Panty Liners and Combo Packs, and encourage girls to feel comfortable and protected while staying active. “Staying active by participating in sports and fitness has given me the confidence I need on stage, on set and in the recording studio to perform my best at all times,” said Palmer. “I’m thrilled to team up with Playtex® Sport® to help educate girls and show them that they can be comfortable and in control, even during the time when they may feel they are not.”

To kick-off the campaign, Playtex® Sport®, in partnership with popular high-intensity dance studio Body By Simone, is hosting girls in the NYC area to join Keke Palmer for a fitness class on April 29th to celebrate the variety of feminine care options Playtex® Sport® now offers and reward girls who are committed to physical fitness.

Additionally, the brand is also introducing Playtex® Sport® Combo Packs to the feminine care market for dual-form users to provide two kinds of protection together in one convenient package.  “The Playtex Sport brand recognized a prominent void in the feminine care space and is thrilled to introduce a solution with the launch of Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings, Body Shape Panty Liners and Combo Packs,” said Marci Serbonich, Senior Brand Manager for Feminine Care Products at Energizer Personal Care.  “The introduction of Sport Level Protection for Pads and Liners now provides a wide range of options, so women can feel confident, comfortable and protected while engaging in sports and all forms of physical activity.”

[Below: Watch Palmer Talk Brand Partnership and Fitness]