Keke Palmer Enjoys ‘Rest’ on Her Baby Moon Vacation

Keke Palmer is embracing “rest” as she totes her baby bump in the New Year.

The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to share some photos and video clips from the baby moon getaway she and her boyfriend Darius Jackson enjoyed ahead of their baby’s arrival.

“happy new year. baby moon was in full affect,” she captioned the post.

Palmer went on to share how she is embracing taking it easy amid her pregnancy, which isn’t something that comes to her naturally.

“I’m really proud of myself for resting this trip. I am antsy by nature. I love having a schedule, even on vacation,” she wrote. “I learned to at least schedule things leisurely so I have something to complete that’s on brand with the theme of the season.”


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After announcing her pregnancy on SNL last month, the Nope actress says she is ready to enter a new season of “rest.”

“Which is, rest. I will refrain from saying “soft girl life” or whatever new label the folks are using 😆🥴. && instead, I’ll just say that for me the theme is rest because, I can,” Palmer shared.

After starting her acting career in childhood with lead roles in films like Akeelah and The Bee, Palmer has maintained an active brand in movies and television. But now that she’s carrying her first child, Palmer is ready to “embrace something new” and take things easy for once.

“This season I am going to learn how to really take it easy. how to go slow(or slower than i have which is speedy for the average,” she wrote.  “Because it definitely doesn’t mean my drive and passion will end, just transform and evolve through a different tool. how will channeling my skill through this pov make me sharper?”

Palmer is in the perfect position to enjoy her pregnancy in peace and pick back up where she left off when she is ready. She ended her lengthy caption by acknowledging this blessing.

“All I have to do is enjoy. be grateful and reap the benefits of those that came before me, all the sacrifices, all the prayers and all the power to be intentional and at EASE,” she shared.