Keke ‘Keeps a Job’ Palmer is Making Big Moves — Launches Her Own Digital Television Network, ‘KeyTV’

From being a signed artist to signing the checks, Keke Palmer continues to be a trailblazer for the new generation of entertainment.

The award-winning singer and actress announced the launch of her digital television network, KeyTV, in an introductory video she posted to her social media channels on Friday, Sept. 30. The Nope actress introduced the platform as a network that will aim to spotlight “a new generation of creators.”

The 29-year-old entrepreneur narrates as she takes viewers on a journey through her career.

“Hi, I’m Lauren Palmer, and this is Keke Palmer, the brand I created 20 years ago, all the way back in Illinois with my mom,” she says as she introduces her onscreen double. “In those 20 years, I learned how to be a few things.”

Palmer’s video transitions between the many rooms she has entered as an actress, singer, writer, and director. As she opens the doors to reveal her many roles, she informs of her plans for upcoming creators as she takes on her most important role as a collaborator.

“I want to share everything I learned with you, because this is my greatest dream of all,” she says as she concludes her video. “All it takes is one of us to unlock a door to unlock a million doors for each other. I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Key TV, where our stories matter and where we are represented as the keys to the culture.”

The actress also took to her other social media channels like YouTube and TikTok, posting different variations of her introduction for her new digital network. In one of her TikToks, she is seen in a bold, red dress before she transitions from ‘Keke’ to ‘Lauren,’ who appears in a brown blazer, t-shirt, and jeans.

“What can you expect? Drama, tears, and laughs,” Palmer tells viewers. “It’s all to be found on KeyTV, launching soon,” she adds before encouraging her viewers to “be there.”

Her introduction video on YouTube shares the importance of creators partaking in the behind-the-scenes roles, including production designers, sound mixers, key grips, and DPs.

According to Okayplayer, the network has not officially launched but is present on various platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.