Keke Palmer Shuts Down ‘Ugly’ Criticism Over Her Makeup-Free Photo With Boyfriend

Keke Palmer is fresh off the heels of announcing her pregnancy and is already having to clap back at social media trolls calling her “ugly.”

The Nope star took to Twitter on Tuesday to call out those criticizing her appearance in a recently shared photo alongside her boyfriend and the father of her unborn child.

“I just saw a few comments of ppl saying I was ugly cause I wasn’t wearing any makeup,” Palmer tweeted.

“And I really want y’all to get the help y’all need because makeup isn’t real. I’m beautiful in real life, because of who I am, not what I look like.”

“I wish I could bottle how I feel about myself and sell it,” she added in a separate tweet. “Because some people take comments to heart and these ppl just say anything. I mean truly it’s insane to say anyone is ugly, but especially me.”

Fans were quick to applaud the star and praise her natural good looks. One fan even shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the actress wearing no makeup while practicing lines for her SNL hosting debut last Saturday.

The trolling came in response to Palmer posting an adorable photo with her beau following their pregnancy announcement. The happy couple posed in front of a soccer stadium and sported matching jerseys.

Palmer covered her baby bump that her boyfriend cradled. The couple smiled ear to ear showing their happiness ahead of their baby’s birth.

Palmer announced her pregnancy to fanfare on Saturday during her SNL opening monologue. The Scream Queens star pulled back her jacket to debut her baby bump.

Palmer’s boyfriend, Darius Jackson, followed her big announcement with a photo post showing his pregnant girlfriend. He included a heart emoji and 2023, a reference to the baby’s birth date.

Palmer is too blessed to be stressed and utterly unbothered by the trolling.