Keon Coleman, NFL, Video: Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Keon Coleman Takes Customer's Order At Local Louisiana Restaurant

Video: Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Keon Coleman Takes Customer’s Order At Louisiana Restaurant

Coleman was in his hometown of Opelousas, Louisiana, at Mama's Fried Chicken.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Keon Coleman was recently seen doing some work outside his football duties in his hometown of Opelousas, Louisiana. A viral video clip was posted to social media showing him taking a food order at a popular local restaurant, Mama’s Fried Chicken.

According to Hot 107.9, Coleman, who was drafted by the New York team in April, was at the fast-food restaurant on May 8, serving up food and taking orders from the local customers.

The video shows him at the register surrounded by several Mama’s Fried Chicken employees. Although he wasn’t wearing a full uniform, he did have on a Mama’s Friend Chicken baseball cap. He says to the customer, “What you want?” as you hear the patron laughing at him while taking his order. The customer ordered a two-piece dark chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and a lemonade drink. Coleman then tells him he can order another side since he is his “dog.”

After obliging and asking for a cole slaw, the customer asked Coleman if the order was free, and the football player immediately said, “No, it ain’t free; it’s not on the house!”

After checking the register, he informs the customer that his order comes out to $11.88.

Hot 107.9 revealed that the “customer” was former NFL player and current podcaster Robert Griffin III. The humorous incident occurred because Coleman claimed that Mama’s Fried Chicken was one of the best places to eat in Louisiana. Coleman informed Griffin that Opelousas and Cajun country had better dining options than New Orleans.

Coleman, who played his collegiate career at Florida State, was selected in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Bills with the 33rd selection.

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