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Kevin Hart Appears With Daughter In New Chase Freedom Campaign

The comedian and his daughter star in the campaign to promote the Chase Freedom Rise credit card and discuss financial literacy.

In a fresh and relatable approach, Chase Freedom has unveiled its “Family Huddle” video series, starring comedian Kevin Hart and his daughter, Heaven, to promote the Chase Freedom Rise credit card and foster financial literacy among young audiences.

The father-daughter duo candidly navigates pivotal money matters, such as Heaven’s inaugural credit card experience and adeptly managing bill payments as she maneuvers in her college journey. The videos aired on Chase’s official Freedom Rise credit card page and addresses everyday financial questions and challenges. The inaugural episode, shared on Hart’s Instagram, offers a candid glimpse into their conversation after Heaven flaunts some dorm room purchases made with her debit card, a signal that leads Hart to inform her about good credit habits. A second video addresses Heaven’s “sneaky spending,” which sparks a discussion about responsibility, followed by a third installment that covers how to handle payments.

“Despite Kevin’s wealth, he always stresses the importance of his kids making their own way,” Chase stated online. According to the company, the Freedom Rise card offers a pathway to financial empowerment for credit novices, enabling them to cultivate their credit profile while earning a 1.5% cash-back reward on all purchases, devoid of an annual fee. The card is accompanied by the powerful Credit Journey tool, facilitating credit score tracking and providing insights into contributing factors.

The campaign, produced by Hart’s entertainment enterprise, Hartbeat, underscores the paramount importance of early financial education and responsible credit card utilization. By forging a partnership with Hart, who The Source noted has been a Chase Freedom partner since 2019, and Heaven, the company has expanded its reach as it shares the power of cashbacking with Americans.

Last year, Hart joined forces with NBA luminary Stephen Curry to seamlessly blend their passions for basketball and cash-back rewards, culminating in an October 2023 campaign for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card.

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