Kevin Hunter Believes His Ailing Ex Wendy Williams, ‘Still Got it In Her’ Amid Her Rehab Stint

Kevin Hunter Believes His Ailing Ex Wendy Williams, ‘Still Got it In Her’ Amid Her Rehab Stint

The ex-husband of Wendy Williams gave an update about the former talk show host in a video he posted to Instagram on Sept. 17. The 58-year-old reportedly checked into rehab earlier this month for substance abuse issues.

Kevin Hunter, Sr., was celebrating his birthday and shared a 20-minute video on Instagram with the caption, “Happy Belated birthday fellow Virgo.” Hunter was talking about living a healthier lifestyle and said he had recently given up smoking marijuana to be a better role model for his son when he brought up Williams.

The former couple has a 22-year-old son, Kevin Hunter, Jr.  Hunter said that his ex-wife was getting help and that he hoped she would come out swinging.

“As his father, we stand tall. And help. As far as his mom, you know, everyone’s going to have these questions and I’m not going to dwell on that, you know,” he said. “She is getting the help that she needs. And hopefully, you know, she’ll come out of this a swinger. I know she’s got it in her.”

Williams had been getting ready for her new podcast The Wendy Experience when she entered the health facility.

Williams previously went to rehab in 2019. Hunter told Page Six that her production company wouldn’t help Williams get help becuase they didn’t want her to taketime off.

“Debmar would not support Wendy’s recovery efforts with the family,” said Hunter. “They would not sign off on anything that would’ve helped her recovery efforts. They sat in a meeting with her whole family, including her now-deceased mom, and would not sign off on the recovery efforts that would’ve helped Wendy also get well and live and be sober. They basically said, ‘If you don’t stop drinking, you’re going to lose the show.’”

The Wendy Wiliams Show was ultimately canceled after Williams missed the final season hosted by guest hosts.