Beyoncé !? Kim Burrell Claims Jay Z Called her After Beyoncé Listened to her Music for 11 Hours of Her Music During Relationship ‘Issues’

During hard and/or bad times, certain activities may help us cope. For some people, listening to particular songs or artists can be a great remedy. That includes big-time celebrities adored by the world.

Gospel recording artist Kim Burrell was apparently informed several years ago that a certain Queen played her records to get through a particularly hard time.

On an episode of the podcast We Sound Crazy, Burrell said Jay-Z told her that Beyoncé locked up one day for 11 hours listening to Burrell’s tunes.

While talking to We Sound Crazy hosts, Tamone, Phillionaire, Chuck Harmony, and Claude Kelly, she recalled that back in 2017 the billionaire entrepreneur reached out to inform Burrell that her music helped his wife cope when he was recording his last full-length album, 4:44.

As she mentioned her Mount Rushmore of musicians, Burrell dropped Jay-Z. She admitted that she doesn’t have any of his songs on her playlists, but he’s there because of “his brain.” She then discussed their conversation.

“Jay called me when he put out 4:44,” she told Phillionaire. “At the time I didn’t know that was going to be the name of the record but he called me and he said, ‘Hey when my wife is going through it I always know because I hear you playing in the background.’”

“He says ‘My wife locked up one day for 11 hours and I heard nothing but Kim Burrell for 11 hours.’”

Burrell said he wanted to meet with the person who “made my wife better,” so she she flew out to meet him at the studio he was recording the album. They talked for four-and-a-half hours. She said they discussed things that she will never share.

However, she said her favorite rapper is the person Jay battled at a Brooklyn high school before both became recording artists, Busta Rhymes.