BET Network’s Kimberly Evans Paige Discusses Backing NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit

BET Network’s Kimberly Evans Paige Discusses Backing NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit

Last summer’s inaugural NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit in Aspen, Colorado, was so successful that the second iteration is taking place this week (Feb. 23– Feb. 25) in Miami.

Kimberly Evans Paige, EVP & chief marketing officer for BET Networks, was so impressed with what the summit could become, she sponsored the summit, and is doing so again.

Not only is she behind the inner workings of the conference, but she is also heading a special Women’s Empowerment Forum. The purpose of this newly-added session is for the equally influential wives and mothers of the world-class athletes who will be in attendance.

BLACK ENTERPRISE got an opportunity to speak to Evans Paige to discuss her participation in the summit, her thoughts behind why it is needed, and her thoughts on athletes being financially solvent.

You attended last year’s Wealth Summit in Aspen, Colorado, and sponsored it. What factored into the decision to participate in this essential summit for athletes?

Like Craig Brown, I am personally and professionally committed to changing outcomes for the Black community. Within three minutes of hearing his vision for the Wealth Summit, I knew it was something that was meaningful and deserving of my time and resources.

How important was it to have BET involved, and where do you see the success of the summit headed?

At BET, we have always had a dual mission:

– To provide compelling content and experiences that represent the fullness of the Black experience, and

– Change outcomes for the Black community. Bob Johnson created BET 42 years ago as a space and agency where we could be seen, celebrated and empowered to create our own narratives. This mission still holds true today and we are even more committed to our brand purpose which is to advance Black love, joy, pride and power. Economic security, independence, and wealth need to be talked about early and often. We are committed to leveraging our scale as the No. 1 Black Media brand in the world to start, participate, and fuel these much-needed discussions and provide support/programs.

What would you like to see in the span of five to 10 years?

I’d like to see financial acumen as a norm among our community and we no longer have the staggering statistics that we have today as it relates to economic insecurity. I’d also like to see Black athlete statistics take a sharp upside turn and they see their entry/exit from the league as a launching pad for true generational wealth.

NKSFB Sports has added a Women’s Retreat to the upcoming Miami Wealth Summit, in which you are participating. What is the purpose of this retreat and what do you anticipate happening?

Financial discussions are even fewer among Black women, so I am excited about this group of amazing women coming together to talk about wealth, wellness, and the power of investing early and starting businesses. Who knows, maybe we’ll have some of the attendees decide to go into business together!

Black women have made strides in the entertainment and sports worlds but still lag behind in comparison to everyone else. What do you think it will take in order for more Black women to be in better positions of power?

Black women clearly are smart, natural leaders and generally more successful entrepreneurs. Opportunities, access to capital and expertise and more invitations to rooms like “She Got Next” are needed.

For people who look up to you and what you have accomplished, what advice would you give to help them pursue their passion on the way to becoming successful in their field?

Be confident in your skills and the value you bring to the business. As a Black woman, if you are in the room, you are probably beyond qualified.

Additionally, be a lifelong student, have an insatiable curiosity, be viewed as a high performer with integrity and build meaningful, not transactional relationships.