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Trailer Released For Upcoming Documentary, ‘Kings From Queens: The RUN DMC Story’

DMC: 'This documentary series will reach, teach, and educate people on the RUN DMC dynamic.'

Three guys from Queens, NY, started a trailblazing career in the 1980s and became one of the pioneers of commercial hip-hop at a time when hip-hop was predicted to have the shelf life of another genre, disco. Now, Peacock has released a trailer to commemorate the story of Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason Mizell, collectively known as Run-DMC.

The documentary, Kings From Queens: The RUN DMC Story will debut on the Peacock platform next month on Feb. 1. The story will focus on the two emcees, Run (Simmons) and DMC (McDaniels) and DJ Jam Master Jay (Mizell) who took the world by storm and showed the world that hip-hop was here to stay.

In a written statement, DMC, who also executive produced the documentary, said, “This documentary series will reach, teach, and educate people on the RUN DMC dynamic. I know people will see themselves in our journey, and I am hopeful that the next 50 years of Hip Hop will be a movement of positive improvement and creativity, in the same way we changed music and the world.”

This film will take viewers through the life and times of Run-DMC, where they will hear and see never-before-told stories and archival footage that shows the formation of the three-man group from the Hollis section of Queens in the 1980s to rise to become arguably the first superstar hip-hop group.

“So thankful for all that participated in helping us over the years,” Simmons, an executive producer on this film, said. “I started out as a young D.J. Run and ended up impacting the world with my group RUN DMC; I am blessed to have been on this amazing journey.”

Viewers will also see the reunion of Run and DMC after the group disbanded after the murder of DJ Jam Master Jay. The influential DJ was killed in 2002 (the trial of his alleged killers begins on January 29).

The documentary will also feature commentary from many of the people the group influenced including Ice-T, LL COOL J, MC Lyte, Jermaine Dupri, Ice Cube, Questlove, The Beastie Boys, Chuck D., Salt, Tom Morello, Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Ed Lover, and more.

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