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Jamaica Concertgoers Puzzled By Kirk Franklin’s ‘Crip Walk’ For Christ

The choir director took the stage at Jamaica's Fun in the Son with too much dancing and not enough clothing for some Christian attendees.

Gospel musician Kirk Franklin has incited backlash from some Christian concertgoers in Jamaica due to his energetic performance attire and choreography while ministering at Fun in the Son on Saturday, April 20.

The prominent annual gospel concert, endorsed by Best Dressed Chicken, a subsidiary of Jamaica Broilers Group, a company renowned for championing Judeo-Christian principles, welcomed Franklin and several other gospel artists to Jamaica’s National Stadium to celebrate 65 years of “God’s faithfulness.” According to the Christian Post, some attendees were so perplexed and offended by Franklin’s gyrating and bicep flexing that they exited.

“When we engage an artist, it is with a degree of trust that the artist will be aware and sensitive to their audience. We expected more from Mr. Franklin,” said Jamaica Broilers Group President and CEO Christopher Levy. “We are cognizant that each of us is working through our relationship with The Lord, and we prayerfully support his growth.”

A viral video posted by The Tropix on X garnered over a thousand comments about the “Hosanna” artist.

One user wrote that Franklin, who wore a tank top and shirt, has “changed so much…making a mockery of Christian music and the religion.” Another wrote, “I was at the concert, and honestly, he confused me. I was listening to the songs as the females sang but he distracted me the whole time. I couldn’t connect to the songs after looking at him. He was dancing like I was in an Usher, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown concert.”

Several other comments poked fun at the 54-year-old choir director’s choice of clothing and dance moves. “Man up there crip walking for Jesus,” a third user wrote, followed by a commenter who said, “He [don’t know] what to do, cuz none of his songs warrant that.”

At a pre-show press conference, Franklin, who was previously featured at “Fun in the Son,” told media that “I have a lot of life experiences, and emotion and energy and passion that I’m going to bring to the stage that’s been bottled up for the last decade…And I want to show the level of gratitude that I have by how I present tomorrow night on stage.”

Culture and Entertainment Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange expressed to the singer how much he is loved in Jamaica and that the fans were waiting to see him. The performance marked Franklin’s return to Jamaica after a decade-long hiatus. “Ten years is a long time. So I’ve got a lot to say. I’ve got a lot to do,” he said. “I’ve got a lot to express.”

Franklin dropped the mic at the conclusion of his performance, according to another clip posted to Facebook by Jamaica Gleaner. “Whatever y’all do, JUST DONT BRING HIM BACK,” a user commented. Catch more of Franklin’s “Fun in the Son” moves below.

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