Kyrie Irving Collaborates With Lockstep Ventures to Launch Consulting Firm for Minority-Owned Businesses

Brooklyn Nets’ star player, Kyrie Irving, is once again blessing others with the fortune and goodwill he has amassed as a professional basketball player!

Irving and his company, KAI Family Enterprise, announced the launch of KAI Eleven Consulting, LLC (KAI 11 Consulting). The latest venture is a business consulting firm that was created to assist underrepresented entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries. KAI 11 Consulting intends to provide programs and mentoring that will give independent business owners and personnel access to seasoned development coaches, area managers, and growth groups that will also offer roadmaps to scaling and cultivating efficiencies. KAI 11 Consulting will be partnering with Michael Loeb, Bonin Bough, and Marcus Glover, co-founders of Lockstep Ventures, as they will provide resources that lessen the financial gap divide in various communities.

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“We must give our people the proper resources and stewardship for them to win beyond traditional investment vehicles,” said Irving in a written statement. “This is not only essential to closing the wealth gap, but it also fosters a more unified, empowered, and liberated society.”

The launch of Irving’s latest company, KAI 11 Consulting, is just the first of many steps in a comprehensive plan for the KAI 11 family of companies to work exclusively with mostly minority, woman-owned, and underrepresented businesses on a variety of initiatives. As more initiatives are scheduled, they will be announced later this year.

“At Lockstep, we are committed and passionate about finding solutions to reimagine equity for Black and women-led companies,” said Marcus Glover, co-founder and managing partner of Lockstep Ventures.

To learn more about KAI Eleven Consulting, LLC, you can send an email to and be added to the mailing list.

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