Kyrie Irving, Dallas

Kyrie Irving Makes Thrilling Left-Handed Hook At Buzzer To Win Latest Game

With 2.8 seconds remaining on the clock, Irving makes a hook shot over Denver Nuggets center, Nikola Jokić

Dallas Mavericks player Kyrie Irving made an amazing one-hand shot for a buzzer-beater that gave his team a thrilling victory in a recent basketball game.

According to Sports Illustrated, the New Jersey-bred Irving made a left-hand hook shot right before the buzzer sounded to end the game, giving the Mavericks a 107-105 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, March 18. The exciting play took place at the American Airlines Center on the Dallas team’s home court.

With 2.8 seconds remaining in the tied game, Irving’s teammate, Maxi Kleber, found him on the right side of the basketball court near the three-point line and passed him the ball. Once the point guard got the ball in his possession, he turned and focused toward the basket, took several steps, and threw up the one-handed shot before the timer hit :00 to pull out the victory.

He got the shot off while the Nuggets star center, Nikola Jokić, attempted to block his shot.

“Man, majority of it is instinctual and comes from preparation for hours that no one sees,” Irving said. “I saw a Jokić taking away my pull-up going left. I knew that he was going to come up, but I didn’t know he was going to commit like that, so he was forcing me inside the 3-point line. As soon as I felt him kind of behind me, I was like, oh, I have my left hand. It’s wide open, so why not go to it?”

Teammate Luka Doncic, said: “That shot was unbelievable, man. I couldn’t believe it.”

Most basketball fans know Irving is a right-hand player, so making that shot with his left hand was a fantastic feat. He brought attention to that after making the shot when he went to be congratulated by his teammates on the court. He stared at his left hand before jumping into his teammate’s arms and landing in a pile with them on the hardwood.

Irving ended the game with 24 points and nine assists.