Rehab Center, Lamar Odom, New Mexico

Lamar Odom Gifted Rehab Center In New Mexico

NBA champion Lamar Odom is expanding his empire of rehab treatment centers.

NBA champion Lamar Odom is expanding his empire of rehab treatment centers to New Mexico.

The former Los Angeles Laker was gifted a new treatment center by New Mexico Pastor Anthony Torres, TMZ reports. According to Torres, he was given the rehab center but had issues securing funding for the facility.

Torres, who was aware of all the work Odom has done with addiction treatment centers, decided to turn the property over to the Odom Recovery Group. Torres hopes Odom will open a facility to aid those struggling with addictions to fentanyl.

The property sits on one acre and new lease on life under Lamar’s Odom Recovery Group. It adds to Odom’s growing list of treatment centers, which includes the California-based Restoration Recovery in Sacramento, Compassions in Laguna Hills, Inner Minds Health in San Bernardino, and Vanity Wellness Center in Woodland Hills.

Last June, Odom opened three recovery homes in San Diego: Project West in El Cajon, Lemon Grove, and an all-women’s home. He also launched a facility in Louisburg, Kansas, called Gold Bridge Odom Wellness Treatment Center, and Wavelength Odom Wellness Center in Huntington Beach, California.

As a recovering addict himself, Odom has made it part of his calling to aid those battling addiction following his near-fatal overdose in 2015.

“Opening rehab centers was just I guess, would be like an act of God,” Odom said.

“I get more gratification and people coming up to me telling me that they read the book and it got them out of the dark so they can relate to it because they were drug addicts and they lost a lot. I get more of a good feeling than I did from people telling me how they loved watching me play on the Lakers.”

He has turned his Odom Recovery Group into a family-run business with his son and daughter aiding in the daily operations. Odom’s daughter, Destiny Morales, serves as a client representative in charge of documenting patient information. His son, Lamar Jr., works as a marketing consultant to step in on his behalf when appropriate.

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