The Secret to Launching a Successful Podcast

The Secret to Launching a Successful Podcast

(Image: The Reset podcast created by Laura Mignott)


Once considered “an obscure method of spreading information,” podcasting has evolved into a popular medium for creating audio content for both people and corporate brands. It gives storytellers a platform to talk about their interest while offering listeners the convenience of listening on demand.

In addition to growing in popularity, the business of podcasting has remained on a steady trajectory of growth and momentum over the past few years. According to a new study released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and conducted by PwC US, ad revenue in the industry is projected to top $220 million in 2017, which is an 85% uptick compared to last year. Research also shows that revenue has grown 73% from $69 million in 2015 to $119 million in 2016. Needless to say, now is the time to get in on the action.

Laura Mignott, the co-founder and managing partner of Digital Flash, a digital experience agency based in New York City, decided to get in the game late last year. She launched The Reset, a podcast that focuses on marketing, business, and government. Each week, Mignott conducts one-on-one interviews with influential business and policy leaders where they talk about their careers and hot-button issues. Mignott, who has over 10 years of experience working in interactive marketing for household brands such as M&Ms and Campbell’s, also lends her expertise in digital marketing.

In an interview with Black Enterprise, the full-time entrepreneur opened up about her podcast, why she launched it, and shared tips for those looking to start their own.

  1. How would you describe your podcast?

The Reset podcast focuses on highlighting the people who do the real work in business. They give their insights and experiences on their particular industries, all while having wine and french fries with me in studio in NYC.

  1. When and why did you begin podcasting?

I started podcasting in December 2016 because I wanted to hear a podcast that spoke honestly—warts and all—about business. When [I] looked for a business podcast, I wasn’t finding honest, practical voices that were the same ones we hear in business, so I set out to create something I wanted to hear.

  1. How do you record each episode?

We tape episodes at Bang Studios in NYC.

  1. What was the hardest part about launching The Reset?

Doing the research to make sure there wasn’t anything [that already existed] like the podcast I was creating.

  1. What steps would someone need to take in order to start a podcast?

Find a topic that you’re passionate about, getting the right equipment, whether you’re doing it yourself or getting a producer to help you, do your homework to determine what you want the show to be and then get guests you [can] have a nice conversation with.

  1. What advice would you share with someone looking to launch a podcast?

Talk about something you care about. Just get started, don’t be afraid to do it. You’re not going to get a million listeners off the bat, the key is to do something you care about and share it with your communities using social channels like Facebook, Instagram, [and] LinkedIn.

The Reset is available for download on iTunes and Stitcher.