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LeBron James Congratulates First College Grad From His I Promise School

The LeBron James Family Foundation partnered with Kent State to offer the first class of I Promise School students free tuition.

LeBron James is expressing his congratulations to the first student from his I Promise School to graduate from college. Anthony Claytor made history for the athlete’s school in Akron.

LeBron took to X to share his excitement for the young man’s profound achievement.

“Congratulations, Anthony,” shared the father of three. “So proud of you, young [king].”

Claytor took part in a program at Kent State where the first class of I Promise students would receive free tuition to its university, alongside a year of room and board. Regarding his accomplishments, the LeBron James Family Foundation also released a video that spoke to Claytor’s success.

“I was honestly very surprised…I never thought that I would be able to go to Kent State,” expressed the 21-year-old, who graduated early. “The promise I made to myself when I accepted this scholarship was to become a better individual, to finish college so that I can live a better lifestyle. SO far, I believe I kept this promise.”

The I Promise School’s mission is to “positively affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives,” as detailed on its website. The school provides “wraparound support” to its students while providing family resources and promoting character-building as part of the learning environment. Students also receive free meals, tuition, uniforms, a bicycle, and transportation within two miles of the school’s campus.

The school opened in 2018 to help school-age children from underserved backgrounds in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio. Parents of accepted and attending students also gain support from job placement services to obtain their GEDs.

While Claytor is the first in this legacy of college graduates from I Promise, he hopes others follow suit. With his new degree in criminology and justice studies, he aspires to become a Secret Service agent.

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