LeBron James’ Uninterrupted Launches  ‘I AM More Than’ Nike Air Force 1

LeBron James’ Uninterrupted Launches ‘I AM More Than’ Nike Air Force 1

LeBron James has announced another major business venture. According to Fast Company, Maverick Carter and LeBron James’ Uninterrupted launched a Nike sneaker and e-commerce store. The brand released a special collaborative Nike Air Force 1 silhouette this month, alongside a range of other co-branded apparel items. The partnership launched a “More Than An Athlete” apparel collection that features a hoodie, shorts, hats, and socks available exclusively on Uninterrupted’s newly launched e-commerce store on Monday. The collection will also launch at Nike stores worldwide on Oct. 10.

“We started with athletes, but we want to empower all people, and what we have created has resonated across the globe because the idea of empowerment is universal,” Carter told Fast Company. “We’re creating a real emotional connection with our audience and consumers. They know us and what we stand for, and we want to better know them. We’re using product and apparel as a vehicle to further that connection, specifically with something like this AF1 that can be personalized and used as a platform to share a More Than story.”

The sneaker has the phrase ‘I AM More Than’ printed on the heel of the left shoe and includes black and blue marker pens to allow the buyer to add their own ‘I AM More Than’ phrase.

Uninterrupted expanded internationally in July when they launched UNINTERRUPTED Canada with the assistance of rapper, Aubrey “Drake” Graham. In September, the company introduced ‘The Glass Helmet Project,’ featuring Saquon Barkley, which incorporates the ‘I AM More Than’ brand. A short clip was seen on the Uninterrupted Twitter feed,  “I am more than stats. I am more than exciting plays. I am a father. I am a leader. I am here to make an impact. I am @saquon. And I will be seen.

The Uninterrupted team also produces The Shop, which initially started airing on the company’s website before HBO picked the series up in August 2018. California Gov. Gavin Newsom just recently signed the Fair Pay to Play Act during a recent taping of HBO’s The Shop, which is co-executive produced by James. In addition, the Los Angeles Laker basketball player recently released his 17th signature shoe with Nike.