Tips for Using Lent to Recommit to Your Savings Goals

Easter is around the corner and signals a rebirth for many — especially after giving up vices and other distractions during the Lenten season, the period of time leading up to Easter.

So, why not apply the same principles of discipline and sacrifice to your personal budget. Try these tips to have a healthy financial picture come early April.

Put That Credit Card on Ice: Spend the next month plastic free–or as close to plastic free as possible. Give up using the credit card during this time and try a cash only policy. Seeing how fast cash goes is a great way to tame overspending.

Home is Where the Savings Is: Instead of spending money out on the town, spend a night and invite a few friends over. Many people are surprised by how quickly a night out can turn into empty pockets.

Cut the Crap: Take a look around at your finances. Paying for a subscription for a magazine that you never read? A Netflix membership and you’re hardly home to watch the movies? Paying for unlimited text and data when you only use your phone to dial out? Eliminate wastefulness wherever it exists in your budget.