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Here’s Your Chance To Get $2,500 To Binge-Watch Popular Netflix Shows

Did you know that Sept. 25, 2023, is National Binge Day? Did you also know that if you Netflix and chill for a pretty long time, there is a chance you will be rewarded with $2,500?

In celebration of National Binge Day, is offering to pay someone to sit and binge-watch movies on Netflix. Yes, you read that correctly: You can make money by simply watching several series on the popular streaming platform. is looking for a brave soul to settle the debate of which series on Netflix is the best. If selected for the job, your requirement is to watch three of Netflix’s most talked-about series: Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Wednesday.

The website will cover the cost of your Netflix subscription for a year and pay you $2,000, which is honestly more than a lot of pop culture critics get paid. It is throwing in another $500 to take care of whatever snacks you deem essential to finish the daunting task of keeping your eyes on a screen for hours on end.

The person selected must give each series a rating from 0 to 10 based on five crucial criteria:

  1. Bingeability rating. The likeliness of your watching more than a single episode in each sitting.

  2. Distractibility rating. How often did you find yourself distracted during the viewing (e.g., checking work emails, cooking, texting your pals)?

  3. Snoozability rating. The show’s likelihood of putting you to sleep.

  4. “Take two” rating. The likeliness you would watch the series again after viewing it.

  5. The grand finale rating. Just how impressed you were with the last episode of the season.

If you are truly interested in being selected as the person to determine which Netflix show is the best, you’d better hurry. The deadline to submit your application is National Binge Day, Sept. 25, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (EDT). You can go here to submit your entry. Good luck!

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