Lil Nas X Called Out For Wearing ‘Misogynistic’ Costume

Lil Nas X Called Out For Wearing ‘Misogynistic’ Costume

Lil Nas X has made a bloody mess out of his Halloween look. The artist debuted as a bloody tampon for the holiday, complete with the women’s sexual organ to finish the costume.

Upon showcasing the controversial outfit, Lil Nas X was swiftly criticized for the “misogynistic” display, as reported by the Daily Mail. Naysayers believed the “Old Town Road” singer was poking fun at menstruation, in which a lot of women, and those who menstruate but do not abide by the gender binary, suffer from pain due to it.

“It’s personal. Leave women and their feminine biological processes alone,” shared one Instagram user under his video of the costume. “Shoot jokes about masculinity and men’s affairs. Women have earned the right to confidentiality of their biological processes.”

Lil Nas X, however, has clapped back at those who hold issue with his outfit of choice, telling his nearly 8 million followers on X that they should not “pretend to be mad” to cause an uproar over it. In his mind, the rapper would prefer the press to accompany a new music release.

“I be silent for nearly 2 years y’all are not finna pretend to be mad about a tampon costume,” shared the 24-year-old. “Let me at least get new music out first.”

However, controversy is not new to the provocative entertainer. His 2 years of silence came after the rapper was previously in hot water over his depiction of hell in his 2021 music video for “Montero.” Despite the backlash, the Grammy winner kept on with the Hell imagery in a fake Nike release of the “Satan Shoes” in a collaboration with Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, as reported by CNN.

While his tribute to the underworld has calmed over the years, it clear that Lil Nas X will never let the haters stop him from doing as he pleases.

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