Twitter Goes Off After Reporter Throws Shade at Lil Nas X’s VMAs Outfit

Twitter Goes Off After Reporter Throws Shade at Lil Nas X’s VMAs Outfit

One correspondent is under fire for keeping it too real about Lil Nas X’s VMAs red carpet outfit.

The “Montero” hitmaker hit up the Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday night donning what looked like a magical combustion of Prince meets Little Richard meets eleganza. However, when interviewing with reporter Jamila Mustafa, she couldn’t help but keep it real when Nas X asked her how he looked.

“I’m happy, I look good,” Lil Nas X said. “Do you think I look good?”

Jamila’s responded with some subtle shade at Lil Nas X’s purple passion ensemble.

“Listen, I’m not gonna say I’m hating on the fit. But let’s move on, OK?” she said in response.

One Twitter user captured the awkward moment and shared it online, questioning why the reporter “would say that.” While some defended Jamila for giving her honest opinion instead of faking it, others felt  a little more professionalism could have been practiced.

“I’ve never seen an interviewer like….give their honest opinion,” one person said. “She really could’ve kept that to herself,” added another.

“He said: I look good don’t I. She said: chiiiiile, anyways so…This is the deadliest kind of shade, I know he gon remember this forever,” one user jokingly claimed.

“Big props to Lil Nas X for pushing through that god awful interview,” someone else added.

Others shut down the shade claims, saying Jamila’s response was only misinterpreted as shady but she was playing nice with the “Industry Baby” rapper.

“I took this completely different than y’all are,” they said. “To me it was like she was trying to say “I’m not gone say I’m hating, but I’m hating” but instead she said let’s move on lmao.”

Hate it or love it, but it’s another day and another red carpet slay for Lil Nas X.