Living With Intention Allows Your Purpose to Guide Your Life



You never know where your life will lead you. Believe it or not, I always hated exercise and I never considered becoming an entrepreneur, but today I own a fitness boot camp in Chicago, and I have an online fitness coaching business that helps people all over the world lose weight and live longer. Once I allowed intention to guide my life, I found my purpose.

All my previous jobs simply “fell” into my lap. I did not choose them; they chose me. I was a human resource manager for five years and then an executive pharmaceutical sales rep for nearly eight years. Although I was successful in both positions, I was unhappy and incredibly unfulfilled. Those jobs were just a convenient means to an end. My bills were paid, but I wanted more. I longed for my purpose. I needed to know what God put me on this earth to do.

I decided to fervently pray and ask God to reveal to me what He had for my life instead of what I desired for my life. I began to pray with intention.

Soon after I began praying, I hit my highest weight ever and decided to start taking step aerobics classes, even though I hated working out. Much to my surprise, I fell in love with step aerobics so much that I became a fitness instructor less than eight months later. Slowly, God began to clearly show me my correct path was helping others get fit and healthy.

I started working at multiple gyms but never dreamed of making fitness my full-time job. Well, after several years of teaching part-time, I was able to quit my job and open my fitness boot camp in Chicago. Once I allowed myself to live with intention, my purpose was revealed–a purpose I never considered, the purpose God had for my life.

When I look back on my life, every “unintentional” job I held prepared me for my entrepreneurial journey, and I know that is no coincidence. When you live with intention, everything falls into its rightful place and will eventually lead you to help others in some capacity.  

This month marks the 10th anniversary of my fitness boot camp in Chicago, D3: Dre’s Diesel Dome Fitness. Although I have had several ups and downs, I am so happy I followed God’s direction for my life. If you want to walk on the path He set for you, just ask Him. When God feels you are ready, He will show you the way. When you live with intention, He will reveal your purpose. But it may be something you never dreamed. Be open to it.

Allow your passion to guide your life, and I promise you, the happiness and fulfillment you’ll feel will be immeasurable. You will no longer wonder if what you are doing is intended for you.

You will know for sure.

This article was written by The BOSS Network Guest Blogger, Dre Nichols-Everett

Dre Nichols-Everett is The Exercise Habit Coach and CEO of D3: Dre’s Diesel Dome Fitness in Chicago, IL. For the past 10 years, Dre has dedicated her life to helping people commit to a healthy active lifestyle. Dre’s online courses have allowed her to transform lives all over the world.

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