Lizzo Gets Emotional as Megafan Steals the Show and Dances Full Choreography of ‘About Damn Time’

A megafan showed up and showed out during Lizzo‘s recent performance.

The award-winning artist saw herself in Shyanne Barnes, a fan who danced the entire “About Damn Time” live routine during a show at London’s O2 Arena on Wednesday.

According to Billboard, when Barnes was let over the barricades to dance in the pit, Lizzo made eye-contact and acknowledged the young fan multiple times as she mirrored the movements to a tee. At the end of the song Lizzo told the crowd to “make some noise for this beautiful dancer.”

Lizzo posted the video of the moment to her Instagram page on Thursday morning, with a message reflecting on her days when she did the same thing at a Beyoncé concert.

“Rewind to the summer of 07, I learned the entire Beyoncé ‘get me bodied’ choreography… it literally saved me at a time I was dealing with depression & loss,” Lizzo wrote alongside the video.

“Then I remember doing the ‘single ladies’ choreo at the Mrs. Carter tour and she looked at me! It was a brief moment but absolutely world changing for me,” Lizzo added. “Fast forward to last night when this young girl danced ‘About Damn Time’ (LIVE VERSION) with me & the big grrrls what she doesn’t know is I cried backstage to know I mean to her what my favorite artist meant to me is so deeply touching. I LOVE YALL SO MUCH.”


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“Lizzo I LOVE YOU sorry I made you cry,” Barnes wrote in her Instagram Story where she reposted Lizzo’s video.

Barnes stood out at the show in her custom outfit that featured a t-shirt with five images of Lizzo. Reportedly, her colorful sign that read, “I learnt the choreo if you need me 2 dance 4 you,” is what got her noticed and pulled into the pit.