‘Look At This Pretty Bi*ch!’ Jenifer Lewis Praises Self Portrait From Atlanta Artist Jerrell Gantt

‘Look At This Pretty Bi*ch!’ Jenifer Lewis Praises Self Portrait From Atlanta Artist Jerrell Gantt

Actress Jenifer Lewis was all smiles while being presented with a personal painting of herself by the popular Atlanta-based artist Jerrell Gantt.

The Black-Ish star was in Atlanta recently to help campaign for gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams when she was greeted by Gantt who gifted her with a large painting of herself. Gantt took to Facebook on Tuesday to share a video of the special moment he shared with the self-proclaimed, “Mother of Black Hollywood.”

“Met the amazing Jenifer Lewis, the mother of Black Hollywood,” he wrote in the caption.

“You know her for her roles in Sister Act, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Girlfriends, Blackish, What’s Love Got To Do With It etc”.

Gantt explained how “surprised” Lewis was by his presence and how much of a genuine fan she already was of his work.

“She was so surprised to see me,” he continued. “She’s seen my work online and stated how much she loved it. We sat for a moment and she was so encouraging to my craft and my journey.”

The video shows Lewis giving a signature Jenifer Lewis response to Gantt’s painting of herself.

“Boy! Are you from Atlanta,” she asked him.

After confirming that no children were in the room, Lewis went off in the best way.

“This motherfu*ker!,” she jokingly said. “Oh my God!”

Lewis explained how she had been seeking out Gantt to obtain one of his art pieces. But had trouble since she doesn’t do the whole “DM” thing.

“I’ve been telling my people to find you!” Lewis told Gantt.

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in North Carolina, Gantt relocated to Georgia to attend college and perfect the natural artistic ability that he developed as a child.

“Being interested in all aspects of creativity I found a passion for fashion and majored in it at Savannah College of Art and Design,” he told Voyage ATL in 2019.

“After pursuing different fields, from designing, creative directing and fashion styling, I went back to my first love of art. Creating not only art but Black art has truly given my life it’s unique God given purpose.”