In His Pockets: Lori Harvey's TikTok Video With Dad Steve Tells Us Exactly Who Is the Big Baller In the Family
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In His Pockets: Lori Harvey’s TikTok Video With Dad Steve Tells Us Exactly Who Is the Big Baller In the Family

Steve Harvey Lori Harvey
(Screenshot: Instagram/ @loriharvey)

Lori Harvey recently posted a hilarious video of herself and her dad, Steve Harvey, on TikTok as they were out and about.

The video started with a focus on Lori, who had an innocent expression on her face as a voiceover chimed that when dining out with her parents, bringing her wallet is just for show. The video then zoomed in on the comedian, who chewed his gum and looked intensely at the camera seemingly unaware. The camera then panned back to Lori, who laughed before the video ended.

“You know, when I come out with my parents, I just bring my wallet for decoration. I never actually plan to use it,” said the voice. The video has been viewed more than 6 million times.

@loriharvey Pretty much 🤣 @steveharvey ♬ original sound – Lo✨

His daughter wasn’t the only one posting on social media. The Family Feud host shared a picture of himself and Cedric the Entertainer in the Bahamas on Instagram. The duo was in the Bahamas last week for a charity golf event to support the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

✌🏾My Dude @cedtheentertainer. #repost @cedtheentertainer Today someone named us the #NiceKing and the #EvilKing😂😂😂 my brother @iamsteveharveytv and his wife @marjorie_harvey are doing outstanding work in the #Bahamas.. Dude has always been about his work.. so what sometimes he doesn’t want to take a picture… dont Worry I got you😂😂😂🤣 #salute and @iamsharonpage for hosting a top notch event 💯💯🔥🔥🔥.”


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Cedric the Entertainer also shared a picture of the duo at the event on Instagram.

Harvey shared a video of the event as well on Instagram with a caption thanking the comedian and his wife, Lorna Wells, for supporting the foundation.

“Thank you to @cedtheentertainer & his lovely wife Lorna for supporting the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation! Your kindness during the weekend and contribution to the foundation are greatly appreciated! We truly appreciate you! Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!”