Good Karma: Ludacris Honors His Daughter, Celebrates Black Girls, with New Mattel Doll Collection

Ludacris’ animated Netflix series, Karma’s World, enters its third season celebrating a partnership with Mattel on a new doll collection to promote the show.

Ludacris, inspired by his eldest daughter, 20-year-old Karma Bridges, created the series surrounding the life of a young girl who uses her music to make a change in the world as she faces issues involving self-esteem, friendship, and discrimination. The motivation stemmed from his daughter’s interests in becoming an entertainer and musician, the rapper revealed to Blavity.

“I had sat her down when she was six years old, and I told her [that] if she wants to make music, she has to talk about what goes on in her life and her world, because daddy talks about and narrates what goes on in his life in hip-hop. And that’s what started this whole idea,” Ludacris shared.

According to the outlet, the partnership occurred after Mattel executives watched the show. The collection is a full line of products that includes dolls, playsets, and accessories. Children will be able to create real life, memorable moments from the show.

“Myself, Mattel, and our resources took so much of our time getting the absolute most authentic feel and look of the hair with premium quality,” Ludacris said. “Even the hair roots are top-notch. When you touch the hair and texture, it will blow you away because of the quality developments within the hair fiber.”

“We are proud to unveil Mattel’s Karma’s World collection of dolls and playsets, perfectly timed to the show’s third season,” Lisa McKnight, executive vice president and global head of Barbie and dolls at Mattel, said. “When we first learned how Karma’s World takes on topics relevant for kids today, we were immediately drawn to the property. With incredible talent, strong characters who stay true to themselves, and themes of courage and ambition, we are honored for the Mattel dolls portfolio to bring something new to the toy aisle and encourage fans to play out the inspiring storylines.”

Ludacris has other ideas he wants the show to extol.

“The more diversity and inclusivity I can see across onscreen, the happier I’ll be—because it’s part of the reason I wanted to create the show. Karma’s World has provided an opportunity to become mainstream in the way certain shows paved the way for me,” Ludacris said. “I’m very happy that we’re seeing more of us onscreen.”

According to reports, the collection is available on Amazon and at Target and Walmart. In addition, more Karma’s World merchandise will be released on October 22, leading up to the holiday season.