Lyft Is Now Charging Fees If You’re Late For Your Pickup

Lyft Is Now Charging Fees If You’re Late For Your Pickup


Rideshare apps have implemented services where riders can contact drivers if they’re running behind in an attempt to have the drivers continue to wait, but now making those drivers wait will cost you by the minute.

Ride-sharing app Lyft has updated its terms of service for riders, and it notes that the company will start charging wait time fees, beginning two minutes after a driver arrives at a pickup location for standard rides and five minutes after arrival for those using Lux Black and Lux Black XL vehicles.

The company has not specified exactly what the rates are but explained “additional wait time charges may apply” depending on how busy the time is and that fees “vary by location.”

Riders with disabilities that need more time to board or get to a vehicle are encouraged to fill out a waiver to exempt them from such fees, the company said.

Lyft did not specify whether or not the fees go directly to the driver or the company.

Many confused riders have taken to social media to express confusion and discontent over the new policy.

Lyft’s new policy comes nearly seven years after rival Uber did the same, with Uber’s fees also kicking in two minutes after the scheduled pickup time for standard rides and five minutes for luxury vehicles.