Madison Jaye Talks Building a Career In Media and Developing a Brand

Madison Jaye Talks Building a Career In Media and Developing a Brand

Coming from the inner city streets of Newark, New Jersey, Madison Jaye has quietly emerged as one of media’s brightest stars. Having interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and working on shows including The Steve Harvey Morning Show, The Funkmaster Flex Show on Hot 97, and now Digital Producer on “The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green on WBLS.


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The oldest of five children, Jaye learned early the meaning of sacrifice, hard work, perseverance, and faith. Experiencing the harsh realities of being parentless and homeless has helped build the unshakable foundation that Jaye and her brand stand on today. had the chance to catch up with the rising media star to discuss her career, managing multiple media outlets, and building a strong brand. When did you realize media was the career path you are passionate about, and how were you able to throw yourself all in without looking back?
Jaye: Honestly, I’ve always known and I like to believe that our purpose is embedded in us since childhood or even birth. If we look back over our lives we can all see the traits within us as we continue to grow. For instance, I have always been very talkative and very nurturing. In fact, my grandmother used to have a song just for me called You talk too much, and every time I would go on and on, she would just start singing that song. I’ve always been passionate about this line of work, it just took time for me to find myself in order to unlock it. Media has always been embedded in me; this is what I was sent to do. 

How are you able to successfully manage the different media outlets that make up the Madison Jaye Brand? 
Sometimes I have to ask myself the same question, but there is one word that answers this. Organization. I keep everything extremely organized, and I always look for ways to be more organized because there’s always room for improvement. I balance out my priorities and learn to manage each part of my brand excessively without doing too much or not enough.

Another important key is to have a great team. You are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with, so personally, I only surround myself with geniuses. We take knowledge and skills from each other, but we also give and nurture one another. Everyone you meet has something to teach–whether it be good or bad– they’re teaching you the ways of the world. The people around you should be nurturing your mind and helping you evolve. Your team should be filled up with geniuses who can help expand your vision. I am honored to work with everyone who is a part of the Madison Jaye Brand. 

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